Legionella Prevention and Water Treatment

Designed for Plumbers, Operators, Supervisors, and Managers working with and overseeing water supply systems and water systems in buildings. This course equips professionals with the knowledge required to comply with their legal obligations.

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Course Duration1 Day
Learning Hours7 hours
Delivery MethodsClassroom, Workshop

Course Overview

The course will give you the knowledge and practical skills needed to set up your services in compliance with legal requirements. It will help you effectively prevent and treat outbreaks of Legionella through the water supply system, and both reduce and control the risk of an outbreak.

Guiding you through this course, our exceptional and experienced trainers will be using theory sessions in the classroom as well as hands-on workshops to prepare you for working with water supply systems and water systems in buildings to recognize, treat, assess, and prevent Legionella outbreaks. By the time of the assessment, you will be competent and confident in the identification, risk assessment, prevention, and control of Legionella. You will be knowledgeable of the course contents, and well set up for success. All course materials you will need succeed will be handed out in the beginning of the course.

Course Breakdown

Course Duration1 Day
AssessmentTheory + Practical
Delivery MethodsClassroom, Workshop
Locationalmanac.energy, 10 Bruce St, Dunfermline, KY12 7AG, Fife, Scotland, UK
Learning Hours7 hours
QualificationsLegionella Prevention and Water Treatment Certificate
PrerequisitesN/SVQ Level or equivalent qualification in Plumbing , Alternatively have at least 2 years previous experience in Plumbing, Water Regulations/Water Bylaws (can be taken together with this course)

Course Syllabus

Training and assessment are broken down into the following sections:

Day 1 - Morning

Learning Hours:

4 hours


  • The Background To Legionnaires Disease
  • What Is The Legionella Bacteria
  • Where And How Does It Multiply
  • How Is It Spread And Contracted
  • How To Comply To The Law
  • Duties, Obligations And Records
  • Assessing Risk
  • Controlling And Reducing Risk
  • Methods Of Treatment
  • Prevention And Disinfection
  • Record Keeping

Day 1 - Afternoon

Learning Hours:

3 hours


  • Multiple Choice
  • Short Written Response
  • Scenario Questions
  • Demonstrating Competence Through Observed Practical Assessment Involving The Cleaning And Disinfection A Domestic-Sized Water System



Learning Outcomes

  • Being able to explain what the Legionella Bacteria is, where and how it multiplies, and knowing how it is spread and contracted
  • Being able to explain what the legal obligations, duties and records are and knowing how to comply with them
  • Being able to perform a risk assessment
  • Being able to demonstrate how to control and reduce risk
  • Knowing the methods of treatment there are
  • Being able to apply the methods of treatment correctly
  • Being able to demonstrate how to perform record keeping in compliance with legal requirements

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