Managed Learning Programme (Full-Time/Part-Time)

Our MLP course is designed for individuals looking to enter the gas industry. Over the course of 6 months candidates will gain the knowledge and practical skills required to become a Gas Safe registered gas engineer.

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Course Duration6 months
Learning Hours1000 h
Delivery MethodsTheory, Workshop, On-Site

Course Overview

As part of this course, professionals from related industries and candidates new to our industry will be spending 3 months at our training centre acquiring the knowledge and practical skills required to become a highly skilled Gas Safe registered engineer. You will also be spending 3 months on site either at a work placement or at your job, applying everything you have learned at the training centre and writing your portfolio. The portfolio is required for taking your ACS assessment. However, it will also help you stand out from the crowd and show employers what you have to offer.

This course is made up of theory-based sessions in the classroom, practical sessions in our workshop, and a work placement on site. Taught by our exceptional and experienced trainers, we will make sure you are well prepared and setup for success for your first ACS assessment. By the end of the course you will be a competent and skilled gas engineer with a bright future ahead! All course materials required will be handed out to you in the beginning of the course.

Training & Assessment

Here at, we strive to provide the highest possible quality of services. Our trainers have more than 20 years of combined work experience at some of the most successful companies our industry. Candidates work with new and state-of-the-art equipment at our training establishment, while learning from experienced engineers at their work placements. This allows us to send candidates off into the industry both competent and setup for success.

Another way we ensure the quality of our services is through the separation of training and assessment. Separating the training from the assessment and certification process, we put our candidates and our industries interests first and ensure their professional development. As of yet, it is only possible to offer a training-only system for our MLP course. However, we are taking every step possible to move ourselves and our industry in this direction.

Professional Prospects

With our MLP course you will train to become a competent Gas Safe registered Engineer, gaining valuable knowledge and skills, ensuring you will leave our training centre a highly sought-after professional that can expect an annual salary upwards of £30,000 depending on experience and location.

Course Breakdown

Course Duration6 months
AssessmentTheory + Practical
Delivery MethodsTheory, Workshop, On-Site, 10 Bruce St, Dunfermline, KY12 7AG, Fife, Scotland, UK
Learning Hours1000 h
QualificationsManaged Learning Programme Certificate
PackagesManaged Learning Programme, Full-Time + ACS assessments, Managed Learning Programme, Part-Time + ACS assessments
PrerequisitesThere are no requirements for the MLP course, However, you will need to pass an initial assessment

Course Syllabus

Training and assessment are broken down into the following sections:

3 Months - Learning in the Training Centre

Learning Hours:

420 hours

Theoretical and Practical Training

  • Legislation, Health and Safety
  • Combustion and its Control
  • Chimneys
  • Ventilation
  • Pressure, Flow, Tightness Testing and Purging
  • Domestic Pipework Installation
  • Electrical Systems, Controls and Components
  • Heating Design, Heat Loss and Comfort Conditions
  • Installation and Servicing of Domestic Central Heating and Hot Water Appliances
  • Installation and Servicing of Domestic Ducted Air Heaters
  • Installation and Servicing of Domestic Cooking Appliances
  • Installation and Servicing of Domestic Space Heating Appliances
  • Installation of Domestic Meters
  • Principles and Procedures of Fault Diagnosis
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Installations

3 Months - Work Placement

Learning Hours:

420 hours

Onsite Work + Writing Your Portfolio

  • An experienced gas engineer will mentor you and help you apply what you have learned so far in a realistic setting
  • You will be tracking the work that you are doing, how to do it and why, as part of your portfolio

2 Days - Assessment

Learning Hours:

14 hours

ACS Assessment

  • Multiple Choice
  • Short Written Responses
  • Demonstrating Competence



Learning Outcomes

  • Knowing about legislation, health and safety
  • Knowing about combustion and its control
  • Knowing about chimneys
  • Knowing about ventilation
  • Knowing about pressure, flow, tightness testing, and purging
  • Being able to demonstrate how to install domestic pipework
  • Knowing about electrical systems, controls and components
  • Learning about heating design, heat loss, and comfort conditions
  • Being able to install and service Domestic Central Heating and Hot Water Appliances
  • Being able to install and service Domestic Ducted Air Heaters
  • Being able to install and service Domestic Cooking Appliances
  • Being able to install and service Domestic Space Heating Appliances
  • Being able to install Domestic Meters
  • Knowing and understanding the principles and procedures of fault diagnosis
  • Being able to install Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)

Next Dates

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