F Gas Category 1: Five Day

If you aspire to pursue a career in the Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, and Heat Pump Industry, involving tasks such as system installation, servicing, and leak detection. this course is the legal minimum requirement and where you need to start. Ideal for individuals who are new to the field or lack prior formal theoretical instruction, Category 1 f-gas training equips you with the skills to perform regulated tasks on systems of any size.

Course Duration5 Days
Learning Hours25 Hours
Delivery MethodsTheory, Workshop

Course Overview

This is a comprehensive course providing a basic understanding of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning fundamentals, terminology, and equipment application. This Course aims to improve, enhance and update the skills of engineering personnel before they undertake the FGAS course. Both theory and practical aspects of the subjects are covered, and where applicable, exercises are undertaken to develop the necessary skills.

Professional Prospects

  • Employment as an F-Gas Technician: Many companies, especially those involved in refrigeration, air conditioning, and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems, require technicians who are qualified to handle F-Gases. With an F-Gas certification, you can pursue job opportunities as an F-Gas technician, responsible for installing, maintaining, repairing, and servicing equipment that uses F-Gases.

  • Joining an HVAC/R Company: The F-Gas course equips you with valuable skills in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. You can seek employment with HVAC/R (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Split Unit Air Source Heat Pump, and Refrigeration) companies that specialize in the installation, maintenance, and repair of cooling and refrigeration systems.

  • Self-Employment/Entrepreneurship: With your F-Gas certification, you may consider starting your own business as an F-Gas contractor. This could involve offering services such as system installations, maintenance, leak detection, refrigerant recovery, and compliance with F-Gas regulations.

  • Career Progression and Specialization: The F-Gas course serves as a foundation for further professional development and specialization within the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. You may choose to pursue additional certifications or courses in specific areas, such as advanced refrigeration systems, energy efficiency, or renewable technologies, to enhance your expertise and career prospects.

  • Compliance and Regulatory Roles: F-Gas regulations and environmental concerns related to refrigerants are becoming increasingly important. You might explore opportunities to work in compliance roles, ensuring that companies adhere to F-Gas regulations and environmental standards. This may involve monitoring, reporting, and advising on proper refrigerant handling and management practices.

Course Breakdown

Course Duration5 Days
AssessmentTheory + Practical
Delivery MethodsTheory, Workshop
Locationalmanac.energy, 10 Bruce St, Dunfermline, KY12 7AG, Fife, Scotland, UK
Learning Hours25 Hours
QualificationsLCL Awards Level 3 Award in F-Gas: Install, Service, Maintain, Recovery, Decommission and Leakage Checking of Systems (Category I)
PrerequisitesTo pursue Category 1 or 2 qualifications, learners must have a recognized qualification in Refrigeration, Heating & Ventilation, or a related industry sector., or have a minimum of 2 years auditable experience, Must be over 18.

Learning Outcomes

  • The learner will know the fundamental principles of thermodynamics.
  • The learner will know the environmental impact of refrigerants and corresponding environmental regulations.
  • The learner will be able to carry out checks before putting in operation, after a long period of non-use, after maintenance or repair intervention, or during operation.
  • The learner will be able to check for leakage.
  • The learner will be able to handle the system and refrigerant during installation, maintenance, servicing, or recovery in an environmentally friendly manner in accordance with the regulations.
  • The learner will be able to put into operation and maintain reciprocating, screw, and scroll compressors, single and two-stage.
  • The learner will be able to install, put into operation and maintain air-cooled and water-cooled condensers.
  • The learner will be able to install, put into operation and maintain air-cooled and water-cooled evaporators.
  • The learner will be able to install, put into operation and the servicing of Thermostatic Expansion Valves (TEV) and other components.
  • The learner will be able to build a leak-tight piping system in a refrigeration installation.

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