About almanac.energy

almanac.energy is a specialist training centre, heating technology supplier and installer, and knowledge provider for renewable heating alternatives, based in Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland.

What we do

almanac.energy has two core services - Specialist training service provider and supplier and installation expert of heating systems and technologies.

We are a forward-thinking training centre on a bullish mission, to provide industry leading education to all candidates that come through our door. The specialist courses we offer are aimed at the Renewable, Gas, Plumbing and Electrical industries for both professionals and new entrants.

Additionally, we offer the supply and installation of renewable and conventional heating technologies in central Scotland, as well as expert advice and knowledge on renewable energy options at our Heat Shop in Dunfermline, Scotland.

Thanks to our experienced trainers, and our outstanding new training facilities, we are able to ensure our candidates leave our courses competent, skilled, and highly sought-after professionals.

Going Net Zero

As Scotland is making progress on its way to net zero emissions by 2045, we aim to make use of the momentum that has been gathering in the zero-carbon economy.

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ECO-Friendly Future

It is our goal to help move the industry away from the upcoming decline in the gas boiler market, to help push for sustainable and eco-friendly change in popular heating technologies used in private and commercial buildings in Scotland.

With the still limited number of installers across Scotland, the options for homeowners to make the change from the trusted gas heating systems to renewable heating systems such as the high temperature air source heat pump are still relatively small.

Addressing this issue on multiple fronts, we are committed to:

Provide Installation Services

Offer competent supply and installation services for renewable and conventional heating technologies in private and commercial buildings.

Help Train Skilled Heating Installers

Help grow the number of trained and skilled heating technology installers across the nation with our specialist training courses, giving our candidates a rounded experience of theory sessions and hands-on practice, led by our skilled trainers in our outstanding new training centre.

Provide Expert Knowledge

Offer expert knowledge and advise on renewable heating technologies and our supply and installation services to the public in our local shop in Dunfermline, Fife.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Training Centres?

To ensure the high quality of the candidates that complete our training courses, we are approaching things differently.

Training Only

Our training and assessment team at almanac.energy have had personal experience of many different training and assessment establishments over the years. In our view, the single most clear flaw in the training and assessment process has been the lack of separation of training from assessment.

We don’t believe that the incentives at present allow for the candidates to get the best learning experience possible. We are of the view that when the provider of the training is also the provider of the assessment the financial incentive to “teach to the test” is too strong. This has the potential to create a substandard learning experience for the candidate.

As we are passionate about raising the standards across our industry we are committed to advocate for a system where the same organisation that trains a candidate does not assess them. Separating the training and assessment process means the candidate is provided the most complete experience leaving the centre having truly professionally developed. This will aid in creating an industry full of highly sought-after and competent professionals.

While this is not yet possible for some of our courses we are taking every step possible to move ourselves and our industry in this direction.


The trainers at almanac.energy have more than 20 years of work and teaching experience at some of the most successful companies and training centres in our industry. Our candidates will have opportunities to learn from our experienced team both in the classroom and on the job, enabling us to send candidates off to be assessed perfectly prepared, highly skilled, and set up for success.

Growing The Industry

We regularly offer honest discounts on our training courses through our voucher scheme to assist growing the base of competent installers of renewable and regular heating technologies in Scotland. Paving the way for up-and-coming training centres to establish themselves through the increase in demand, consumers will have more options in the transition to decarbonized heating.

More Than Just Another Training Centre

To achieve our committed goal of a timely transition to renewable energy and heating technologies we can’t stop at training alone. We are a complete heating technology educator and installer. Offering the supply, installation, and technical support for renewable heating technologies, as well as gas and oil heating for customers that haven’t yet or can’t transition to renewables.

Our experienced engineers are experts in their field which lets us maintain happy and loyal customers. These same engineers provide quality mentorship to our candidates. Passing on knowledge is one of our organisations guiding tenets.

Additionally, we run our ‘Heat Shop’ at our location in Dunfermline, Fife where we offer expert knowledge and advice on renewable heating technologies and information about our installation and training services. This advice is catered to all audiences: Whether you are a homeowner looking for guidance on the best heating options or a professional engineer looking for advice and assistance. Contact us or come by our shop, we can help!

Forward Looking

Mission Statement

Our Vision

We have the audacious vision to see almanac.energy as the leading provider for training, installation and expert knowledge and advice on renewable and regular heating technologies across Scotland.

Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to the fight against climate change, making it possible for Scotland to eventually fully rely on renewable energy and heating technologies. In the process, it is our goal to establish awareness of and knowledge about decarbonized, renewable heating options among the public in Scotland.

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Our Values

Quality and Excellence

  • We are committed to always provide the highest possible quality of services
  • We strive for excellence in everything we do


  • We strive for constant improvement in our work and the services we provide


  • We are committed to impartiality in our training assessment process and advocate for a transition to a training-only system to ensure the quality of training for candidates is always the main priority.


  • We believe in the importance and the advantage of inclusivity and diversity both in the workplace and in our communities
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Voucher Scheme

With Scotland’s plan to meet net zero emissions by 2045, the future for Gas Engineers and especially Renewable Energy Technology Installers is very promising. The demand for low-carbon heating options across the nation is already increasing.

However, the number of renewable heating technologies installers across the nation is still relatively small which leaves consumers with only limited options, and in some regions with no options at all.

We at almanac.energy are committed to doing our part in getting our communities to net zero emissions. Through our voucher scheme we aim to increase the interest in starting a career in the heating engineering and renewable energy industry. Further we are committed to contributing to grow the base of high-quality installers of both low-carbon and conventional heating technologies in Scotland.

When we run a voucher scheme the focus is on provided substantial discounts on training courses for renewable heating alternative technologies. Making the transition for current gas and oil heating engineers significantly more attractive!

This in turn allows for consumers to have better access to well-trained and competent installers as Scotland transitions to low-carbon and hybrid-heating technologies.

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